Classes & Instructors


The 2021 WBC class program will be more impressive than ever! Watch for instructor announcements in June 2020, and class announcements in August, 2020.  Here’s a sneak peek of something new in the class lineup...airfill, airfill, and more airfill!

All delegate skill levels will be addressed in the 2020 class schedule.   

  • Basic:  Basic classes are open to all delegates and typically do not require previous experience in the balloon industry or knowledge of industry terms and techniques. In some cases, class content will cross over into the intermediate level.
  • Intermediate: Requires knowledge of basic skills such as spiral Columns and Arches, balloon tying, and balloon colors and sizes. You should have at least one year of hands-on experience in the industry. Theory is taught at this level, including formulas, cost analysis, and elements of design and trade terminology are used.
  • Advanced: You should have mastered all basic balloon techniques. Applications of theory are often addressed, including formulas, elements of design, and costs analysis, so you should be knowledgeable in these areas. Questions related to basic industry knowledge and trade terminology will not be addressed.


Instructor announcements will be made in June, 2020. More talent than ever will take the stage at WBC 2021!  Multiple countries and languages will be represented.