If you’d like to showcase your talent, be sure and register for one of our many competitions. Competitors in the Large Sculpture, Fashion & Costume, and Balloon Hat events will be able to artistically interpret Disney, Disney•Pixar, Lucasfilm Star Wars, and MARVEL characters or properties without penalty. Those competing in other competitions will also be able to create these themed creations as long as similarly-themed licensed property sold by Qualatex is part of the creation.

For WBC 2022, we have updated the competition categories. Large Competition has changed to 18 consecutive hours, and competitors must declare of a team consisting of 1 to 10 members, or a team of 11-25 members. Awards will be given in both Large Sculpture categories.  The Medium Competition has been eliminated.

You must be a Qualatex customer to compete at WBC 2022. The WBC Competition Officials have the authority to disqualify a competitor based upon this requirement.

More competition information and comprehensive rules are coming soon.

Master Awards

  • WBC 2022 Master Designer

    The WBC Master Designer title recognizes excellence and achievement in multiple disciplines of balloon art. A successful candidate will display expertise of technique as well as exemplary skill and innovative concepts in his or her balloon art. One winner will be determined based on cumulative points.

    To qualify for WBC Master Designer, you must:

    • Compete in four competitions:  Large Sculpture, and your choice of three other events, excluding Balloon Figure.


    • One free, Full-package Registration, to the next WBC
    • One free, round-trip airfare to the next WBC
  • WBC 2022 Twisting Wizard

    The WBC Twisting Wizard Award recognizes outstanding talent in balloon modeling and manipulation. One winner will be determined based on cumulative points.
    To qualify for WBC Twisting Wizard, you must:

    • Compete in three competitions:  Balloon Figure, Balloon Hat, and Fashion & Costume.


    • $500 US
    • One free Full-package Registration to the next WBC
  • WBC 2022 Emerging Artist

    Are you new to balloon artistry and already blazing a trail of innovation and design? If so, this competition is for you!

    To qualify for Emerging Artist, you must:

    • Have not won a previous Emerging Artist title at WBC.
    • Must be a working balloon artist, part or full time, for five years or less. WBC Competition Officials reserve the right to confirm employment or business ownership.
    • Must compete in the Large Sculpture Competition and any two other events, excluding Balloon Figure.


    One winner will be determined based on cumulative points. The total score is a combination of points based upon years in business — the fewer years in business, the higher the point value — and achievement scores.

    Five Years: 25 points
    Four Years: 50 points
    Three Years: 75 points
    Two Years: 100 points
    One Year: 125 points
    Less than One Year: 150 points


    • $500 US
    • One free Full-package Registration to the next WBC

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