Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if the World Balloon Convention is for me?

    The WBC is for you if you’re a:

    • Retail party store wanting to develop a stronger professional balloon offering (beyond the “3 balloons on a string” concept).
    • Studio-based decorator wanting to increase sales and hire more staff (growth orientation required!).
    • Twister/entertainer wanting to develop his/her business by learning business and marketing tips, incorporating new techniques, and/or expanding into balloon decor and deliveries.
    • Store or studio wanting to develop a stronger weekly cash flow through everyday balloon deliveries.
    • New business wanting to upgrade your professionalism and increase your longevity/chance for success.
    • Established professional balloon business wanting to be re-energized and inspired to continue with your business.
    • Balloon artist wanting to attend the industry’s premier event to experience empowering education and inspiring innovation.
  • What do I wear?

    July in Orlando boasts an average daily high temperature of 90◦F, with evenings cooling to a pleasant average of 75◦F. For your comfort, bring clothing to accommodate varying temperatures.

    • Hands-on Workshops: Comfortable work clothes.
    • Classes: Casual, business clothes.
    • Tuesday—Costume Party: Let’s Flamingle! Costumes encouraged, but not required.
    • Thursday—Grand Gala: Let Your Dreams Blossom. Semi-formal attire/dress clothes.
  • What should I bring to the convention?
    • Scissors/pocket knife for hands-on classes
    • Camera to record all the great ideas and techniques you’ll learn*
    • Portfolio and business cards
    • Comfortable shoes
    • Dress or semi-formal attire for WBC Grand Gala

    *No audio or video recording is permitted in the classrooms unless authorized by the class instructor and/or WBC on an individual basis.

  • Can I bring my children?

    Children under the age of 10 will not be allowed in any WBC classes, workshops, or events.

    The World Balloon Convention is a convention produced by and for professionals, and we ask that all attendees respect this. Children aged 10 and older who legally work in a parent-operated business can register and attend the WBC 2022 as Full-Package Delegates, so long as a parent is also attending as a Full-Package Delegate.

  • When will registration be available for WBC 2022?

    Registration for WBC 2022 will open January 4, 2022.

  • I don’t have a lot of experience with balloons. Should I attend?

    The WBC offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes so there is something for EVERYONE. More information on specific class topics and instructors will be available soon.

  • Will there be a CBA Exam at the World Balloon Convention?

    Yes, there will be a CBA Exam at the WBC. To be prepared to take the exam, you must have completed the following requirements.

    1. Purchase, study, and complete (with a score of 80% or above) all of the tests in the QBN Kits.
    2. Receive notification from Pioneer® Balloon Company that you’ve passed each test.
    3. Sign up for a CBA Practical Exam by sending in the CBA Practical Exam Sign-up Form and four Classic Balloon Decor photos with a completed Job Cost Form for each, as well as paying the US $40 exam fee by May 23, 2022 (unless the exam fee has been pre-paid with a QBN Kit Bundle purchase).
    4. Prepare for and take the CBA Practical Exam. Read our Guide to Taking the CBA Practical Exam for more details and helpful hints. Also review the actual CBA Practical Exam Score Sheet. 
  • What is a Certified Balloon Artist (CBA)?

    CBAs are people who work for a Qualatex Balloon Network (QBN) Business Member and have successfully completed the program's online tests, as well as the CBA Practical Examination to demonstrate their knowledge of the QBN curriculum and ability to produce quality balloon work.

    Technically, a CBA is a balloon professional who has:

    • Taken and passed (with a score of 80% or above) all of the QBN tests.
    • Taken and passed (with a score of 80% or above) the CBA Practical Exam—a timed, 4-hour, hands-on exam designed to confirm knowledge of the QBN curriculum.

    Professionals who earn the CBA designation have chosen to grow their businesses through networking with other balloon professionals, continuing their education, giving and receiving referrals, and taking advantage of the marketing support available to CBAs.

  • How do I register for the CBA Practical Exam?

    To order QBN Kits or register for the CBA Practical Exam, call the office nearest you:


    • USA 1-800-743-9879
    • UK 0800-28-12-15
    • Europe +44-1279-501090
    • Canada 1-800-263-6861
    • Mexico 01-800-590-4602
    • Australia 1-800-814-634
    • Brazil +55 11 4596-4555
    • Japan/Asia 316-688-8228
    • Other Countries 316-685-2266