Aleks Hernández & Nelly Mildred

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About Aleks and Nelly Mildred

We are from México and balloons designers since 15 years ago. We founded Waikikí Increíble together only for simple decor but now we make big events. Since the beginning we love the children party and now our designs reflects this style. We do the most of designs colorful, cute and telling a story. We started as a simple company and we tried new ways to make most complicated designs with the practice. We started to teach in 2012 in México and at the middle of 2016 we were invited to teach in Sao Paulo Brazil in Qualatex event, also we taught in Chile, Brazil for 2nd time, Spain, Israel, Guatemala, HongKong and Shanghai, plus we created our big event in México called the Waikikí Fest. In 2019 we were in the Very Best of Balloons as one of the most important Balloon Influencers around the world. Now we keep teaching and keep practicing to give more color to the world.

Class Title: Kawaii Noah's Arc

Work together step by step with Nelly and Aleks how tu build the most cutest animals with balloons and create a lovely basquet filled with this cutties. Learn how to weave a cool basket, add details and create your new Top Selling gift made with balloons.

Product List

3 350q Mocha Brown
32 260q Mocha Brown
12 11" Agate Blue
12 7" Chrome Blue
12 5" Robin's Egg Blue
12 5" Pale Blue
1 12" QL Goldenrod
22 5" Mocha Brown
2 5" Goldenrod
4 160q Goldenrod
4 160q Rose
4 260q Black
1 160q Black
1 160q Chocolate
3 260q Rose
1 11" Gray
2 160q Gray
1 260q Gray
2 5" Gray
2 360q Goldenrod
2 260q Goldenrod
1 250q Blush
2 260q White
1 260q Spring Lilac
1 260q Caribbean Blue
1 260q Lime Green
1 160q Lime Green
1 260q White
1 160q Red
1 260q Coral
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