Alessandro Patanè, CBA

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About Alessandro

"Balloon Art is not a job but a lifestyle." With this motto Alessandro began working with balloons in 1997, the following years were marked by numerous awards and collaborations in important teams with numerous Italian and international artists. 2016 is a lucky year for him as he earns the title of Master Designer of the Year at the WBC in New Orleans. In the same event as Captain of the Italian Team, he gets the second place in the big sculpture competition.

In his career he has won several awards:

  • in 1999 Alessandro wins the first prize in the New Entry Large Sculpture category,
  • in 2001 many satisfactions for the Guinness World Record with 58,942 balloons for a life-size dinosaur, the "DINOBIGO"; at the IBAC in Chicago, second place in the Balloon Figure competition.
  • In 2002 Alessandro is an official member of the Italian team led by Alberto Falcone where they obtained the first place at the IBAC in the large sculpture competition.
  • In 2003 he won, with the Italian team, the first prize with the Great Sculpture "LA GIOSTRA".
  • In 2004 in Los Angeles, third place for the Balloon Figure.
  • 2005 is marked by an international experience with the Italian Balloon Express team at the "Balloon Festival" in Moscow, Russia, which leads to first place.
  • In 2009 at the BACI another success, first place in the Italian championship for the Great Sculpture "Pinocchio"
  • in 2010 second place in the Balloon Figure competition. The year 2010 sees the prestigious collaboration with Balloon Lab Budapest with Alberto Falcone to create the extraordinary sculpture "Fifi and the Flowertots".
  • BACI 2012 is marked by third place with the work "Leonart", La Gioconda made of balloons.
  • BACI 2014 sees the 2nd place with the work "Red Eyes". In the same year he created the character Baymax in collaboration with Disney Company, for the "Lucca Comics" events on the occasion of the new release of the film. In Florence.  
  • At the 2015 BACI Alessandro and his team won first place for the Medium Sculpture with the work "Gnam Gnam Style".
  • The successes of 2016 have already been mentioned: 2nd place strong Great Sculpture in the World Championship and Master Designer Of The Year. Images magazine dedicated a 4-page article to him, talking about his career as a balloon artist.
  • In September 2017, he taught in Brazil, at the Qualatex event in Sao Paulo, with great appreciation for his classes.
  • In 2019, at the Globocon event in Los Angeles, he was the revelation instructor of the year with his innovative lessons and his energy and passion.
  • In 2020, during the pandemic, he collaborated with many Qualatex distributors from many countries creating tutorials and digital media to continue delivering ideas, passion and hope through online digital media, video conferencing etc. Also in 2020 and 2021 he was one of the instructors of the first and second edition of the Qcorner Convention, with great success among the most visited classes of the event.
  • In 2021 he collaborated as Instructor for the Online Education Project for the Qualatex Distributor of Colombia. In November 2021 he was Instructor in the Qualatex event in Mexico.
  • In June 2022 he participated as captain in the largest mobile parade of balloon sculptures in Sao Paulo Brazil, with the creation of a three-dimensional 13-meter crocodile

From 1999 to today he has always been called to teach for the BACI Conference in Italy every year, and with great pride and honor, he promotes Qualatex all over the world in all the events he participates in in every class and job.