Andrea Papolino, CBA

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About Andrea

For over ten years in the field of organizing events and private parties, Andrea in 2009 decided to pour his artistic and creative skills into the world of balloons, gradually becoming the central point for the entire Neapolitan and Italian territory. His curriculum boasts of courses - internships and competitions at the B.A.C.I. "Balloon Art Convention Italy" (2011-2012-2013-2014-2017) and awards and recognitions:

  • Second place together with the Italian Team at the WBC “World Balloon Convention 2016” New Orleans in the large sculptures category;
  • Second place at the B.A.C.I. 2017 in the medium sculpture category with a team led by A.Falcone, the year in which he becomes a CBA (Certified Balloon Artist);
  • Third place in the column category at the “World Balloon Convention 2018” San Diego;
  • Third place in the column category at the “Globo-con 2019” Los Angeles.

His curriculum is enriched by works for major national brands, collaborations with local authorities and professionals in the events sector and Event Planners.

To date, the Balloon Artist possesses knowledge and techniques, which combined with his creativity, lead him to the creation of unique, original and innovative settings. But his greatest achievement occurs in the field of training, teaching throughout Italy and in the largest world conferences, becoming a world Pioneer instructor (Qualatex).

In 2019, in Naples, he founded his own Balloon Art academy, the "PopoArt Academy", which became a point of reference for all his students scattered across the peninsula.

Class Title: Ice Cream Float

It's not always easy to reproduce a design inspired by reality, it can be difficult to study the proportions and sizes etc. In this class with Papolino you will you learn how to recreate the perfect ice-cream float with the correct proportions as the picture entails. This class will help you in every aspect to succeed when asked by a customer to replicate a design.