Derek Wong, CBA

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About Derek

Derek's jaw literally dropped when he saw a clown at a birthday party use more than one balloon for each of his pieces. He was so inspired that he went straight home and started practicing. And just like that, a balloon artist was born! 

With 15 years of tech support in his repertoire, and University degrees in Computer Science and Statistics, and Education, Derek has been a full time balloon artist since 2013. That is the same year he became a CBA - and he has been wowing his clients and colleagues since then. He has managed to fit an incredible amount of incredible work into an incredibly short time - including having his work featured in the Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant in 2014, as part of their custom-designed costumes. He also won numerous awards, including Top Twister in 2017, and has been involved in multiple large balloon builds such as Balloon Adventures in 2016 and Balloon Wonderland in 2022. His main focus is Deco-Twisting, which combines the detail of twisted creations, and the size of décor pieces, to create one of a kind balloon masterpieces. 

Class Title: Advanced balloon sculpting – Eastern Dragon Head

The Eastern Dragon is one of the most elegant, yet sophisticated, balloon creatures that can be created. Derek will describe his method to creating this amazing beast that won not once, but twice in prior balloon competitions in this class. He will share his design approach, the distinctions between the Eastern and Western Dragons, and common misunderstandings, as well as break down the design into manageable portions to make it easy to follow. So grab your pumps and twisty fingers and join Derek as he delves into the magical world of balloon sculpting.

Product List:

1 bag of 350 Green (or any color of your choice);
2 pieces of 350 White;
10 to 15 pieces of 260 Chrome Gold;
1 piece of 260 Onyx Black