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About Federico

Has had extensive experience in the world of entertainment since 1990: organizing and performing in shows using stilts and juggling feats, thanks to studies and youth lived in Salesian oratories (Don Bosco).

He attended "Balloon Art" courses in Florence (BACI) since 1999 and all the WBC (World Balloon Convention) editions. 2003 marks the beginning of teaching in Italy and since 2008 Federico became an international teacher.

Two of the most significant experience was the opportunity to be called as designer of the Costume Party (Beach Party) at the WBC18 in San Diego, California and the Cenario Balloon Festival (San Paolo, Brasil, June 2022) as a Captain of the Blue Arara Team.

His specialty is the deco-twisting and loves to create sculptures, especially large ones, and designs rich in details, inspired by the Lego blocks concept. The favourite character is Mickey Mouse. He made lots of designs about him and Disney’s world.

In recent years he has developed some techniques with Quick Links balloons (walls and columns, paintings and frame - Quick Link Matrix); no-round balloons like giant flowers and D-stortion (a special twisting technique); and the most recent and very versatile Flat Garland and Flat Base.

Among a wide range of national and international awards:

  • 1st place for the Large Sculpture competition at WBC 2010, with the sculpture San Giorgio and the Dragon;
  • "New Artist of the Year" and "Master Designer" in the 2014 WBC in Denver, Colorado.

His "Balloon Express Shop" in Cagliari celebrated 20 years of opening in 2020.

Since 2015, organizes an event called “Sognare è già Creare” ("Dreaming is Creating"): large sculptures in a shopping center, created by many Italian and international artists. Everything correlated with animation and shows, interactive works and Balloon Art classes.

Class Title: Islands

In this class I show how to turn a base made with 2 5-balloon-clusters into a decoration that has the appearance of an island. At the same time I use many versatile techniques, useful for making lots  of different designs.

The islands have specific themes, with a truly tropical setting, such as Hawaii, Stitch, Madagascar, Brazil, as illustrated, but they are adaptable to any setting by changing colors and details. The fundamental elements are the basic clusters, which represent the sea, sand or greenery, palm trees and some different details and surfaces, such as artificial leaves or plush. The final result is a design with a captivating and surprising external appearance, useful as a centerpiece in its own right, or as a base for a themed bouquet, or even as a delivery element.

Product List: HAWAIIAN ISLAND                
50322        1 BAG    11"    CARIBBEAN BLUE
99319        1 BAG    5"    BLUSH
50319        1 BAG    5"    CARIBBEAN BLUE
99384        1 BAG    350Q    MOCHA BROWN
54693        1 BAG (QPAK)    260Q    LIME GREEN
25575        1 BAG    160Q    WILD BERRY
62597        1 BAG    160Q    ROSE
88348        1 BAG    160Q    YELLOW
54683        1 BAG (QPAK)    260Q    GOLDENROD
43918        1 BAG    160Q    WHITE
54664        1 BAG (QPAK)    260Q    ROBIN'S EGG BLUE
54651        1 BAG (QPAK)    260Q    PALE BLUE

Product List: ARARA AZUL - BRASILIAN ISLAND                
45707        1 BAG    11"    LIME GREEN
43561        1 BAG    5"    GREEN
48954        1 BAG    5"    LIME GREEN
54660        1 BAG (QPAK)    260Q    MOCHA BROWN
99384        1 BAG    350Q    MOCHA BROWN
88353        1 BAG    160Q    LIME GREEN
99377        1 BAG    5"    MOCHA BROWN
43601        1 BAG    5"    RUBY RED
82671        1 BAG    160Q    GOLDENROD
54614        1 BAG (QPAK)    260Q    GREEN
54693        1 BAG    350Q    LIME GREEN

Product List: MADAGASCAR ISLAND                
43762        1 BAG    11"    PALE BLUE
43584        1 BAG    5"    IVORY SILK
43571        1 BAG    5"    PALE BLUE
99384        1 BAG    350Q    MOCHA BROWN
54614        1 BAG (QPAK)    260Q    GREEN
58389    1    PZ    14"    LOVABLE LION
41805    1    PZ    14"    ZANY ZEBRA
55174        1 BAG (QPAK)    260Q    IVORY SILK
44043        1 BAG    350Q    PALE BLUE