Sung Chun-Lin

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About Sung Chun-Lin

My name is Sung Chun-Lin. I'm Taiwanese Balloon Artist living in Taichung, Taiwan. I started doing balloons in 2012 and I love making balloon art which can delight others.

I've been known as a professional balloon twister which can capture any object in any size with twisting balloons precisely.

I met balloon modeling in 2012 at a magic club in the University, learning from basic balloon dog, flower and lollipop to advanced basic weaving balloon hat. The joy of accomplishment makes me deeply in love with the unlimited possibility of modeling balloon can make.

After my retirement from the military in 2017, I started making different kinds of balloons every day and posted them on Facebook and Instagram consistently. The more I practice the more I progress. When I think it's time for me to participate in balloon competitions, I won many awards from domestic to foreign.

My most widely known balloon art is balloon whale which won the first prize in the Navy Qualatex Color Quest in 2018. Therefore I started my business with the name of Big Whale Balloon Studio ( 大鯨魚氣球工作室 in Chinese ) and work all over Taiwan with my girlfriend Small Shrimp Balloon Studio ( 小蝦米氣球工作室 in Chinese ).

I have four professional online balloon courses so far, teaching from basic balloon, weaving, distortion to Chinese Zodiac decoration. I'm glad that my courses help 1000+ people have the right skills and concepts to make anything they want. Hope this class could also inspire you, too. Visit his website.

Class Title: How to make Wearable Gorgeous Balloon Butterfly Wings

This balloon costume was from TIBA ( Taiwan International Balloon Art ) 2019 which won 1st prize in Taiwan. Making this balloon costume with my Taichung friends Jia-Hong and Ai-Ru, I designed the whole design, especially the butterfly wings. About the secrets of how to design it, make it and wear it, I'll teach you step by step.

Product List

5"Q Onyx Black * 2 pc
160Q Onyx Black * 1 bag
260Q White * 1 bag
260Q Ivory Silk * 1 bag
260Q Onyx Black * 1 bag
260Q Orange * 1 bag
260Q Sapphire Blue  * 1 bag
350Q White * 1 bag
350Q Onyx Black * 1 bag
646Q Onyx Black  *2 pc
12"QL White * 2 pc 

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