Jessenia Orantes, CBA

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About Jessenia

Hello! I am from El Salvador and have been dedicated to balloon decoration for ten years. I was the first CBA in my country (People here did not believe that if you want to be a professional with balloons you should study and train) I have participated in two WBCs and several Qualatex classes, I have had the honor of being in the classes of the best artists in the world, from whom I have learned a lot Also have been teaching balloon decoration for the last six years for entrepreneurs. My company is called Mi Fiesta. We are dedicated to decorating all kinds of events and making delivery arrangements, bringing the joy and magic of balloons to any part of our country.

Class Title: An Amazing Christmas Tree

Perfect for this upcoming season, this more than seven feet christmas tree will be the perfect arrangement to offer your customers, you can customize for a corporation or add funny details for a family, don't miss this class and lets go to rock our sales!

Product list

8 meter of wire, and wire cutter 
100 pcs  - 11" spring green 
100 pcs- 11" ruby red 
25 pcs - 11" chrome gold 
15- 5 " mix between red, green, white.
15- 7" chrome copper 
15- 260- chrome gold 
15 - 260 Q green 
1 -20" glittergraphic star 
5 pcs- 9" star ruby red
2 - 42 " (your choice of christmas edition)