Kristal Yee

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About Kristal

Kristal has been twisting balloons for so long, that when she tells kids what year she started, they gasp and exclaim, "that's older than me!" which makes her feel great! A trained actor, Kristal came into balloons by pure luck and good timing. She has travelled to multiple countries because of balloons, and you can even see her (and her balloons) on Netflix in "Always Be My Maybe"! Kristal loves to create dresses, delivery pieces, and all things adorable, and is thrilled to be a part of the Q Corner Convention again! 

Class Title: Fast Birds!

When a client requested an Eagle balloons for a very busy event, Kristal knew it had to be a fast one! She came up with a quick linework body style that can be adapted for different types of birds - and she can’t wait to share them with you! Join Kristal for a live class and feel free to twist along with her! 

Product List

1 X 160 Std Yellow
1 X 160 White
2 X 260 Mocha
scrap of 260 Onyx

Blue Jay:
1 X 160 Std Dark Blue
1 X 160 White
1 X 160 Onyx
1 X 260 Std Dark Blue
1 X 260 Mocha
Scrap of 260 Onyx

1 X 160 White
1 X 160 Std Yellow 
1 X 260 Black, plus a scrap
1 X 260 Std Red
1 X 260 Std Dark Blue

1 X 260 Chrome Green
1 X 260 Chrome Violet
Scrap of 260 Onyx

1 X 160 Black
1 X 160 White
1-2 X 260 Light Pink
1 X 160 Wild Berry
1 X 260 Light Blue