Marvin Ohmstedt, CBA

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About Marvin

Marvin has been working with balloons since 2010. He began his young career as a magician and twister. However, he quickly discovered his passion for balloon decorations and successfully passed the CBA exam in 2014 as he was 20 years old. He used the experience and skills he gained to make his decorations even larger and more elaborate. Look forward to an authentic, young and funny instructor who, with his commercial knowledge and his creative ideas, is a presentable ambassador for the balloon industry.

Class Title: My Favourite Balloon Street Animals

In this class, I'll show you my favourite street balloon animals. They are cute and fast to do. I collected them from all around the world. In this twisting workshop you will learn how to build a giraffe, a noisy ghost, an alien, a duck, a cow, a sheep, a monkey and a mouse. 


260Q yellow
260Q mocha brown
5” round yellow
5” round white


2x260Q white
5” white (or skull face print)
a small nut (size: M4)


2x260Q spring lilac
5“ round Alien print
5“ round clear
260Q (chrome) gold


5“ round yellow
160Q orange
160Q pale blue


260Q white
260Q black
260Q (chrome) gold
6” heart white
350Q white


6” GEO blossom white
260Q black
260Q lime green
5” round white
5” round grey


2x260Q mocha brown
260Q blush


12” round yellow
160Q grey
260Q white
260Q (or scrap) yellow