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About Nicole

A self taught twister Australia's own QuickLink Queen, (as named by her peers) Nicole Greg CBA of Nifty Entertainment in Adelaide Australia, is renowned worldwide for using QuickLinks along side entertainers balloons to make large and small designs quicker & easier yet still amazing!  Nicole draws inspiration from combining decorating and twisting skills in her every day work. Nicole has the mind to create almost anything from balloons. From the smallest detail to the largest sculpture, she will truly amaze with skill, speed and attention to detail.  


Nicole has released 5 instructional dvds as well as having numerous designs showcased in Balloon Magic – The Magazine. Honoured to be the Spotlight Artist in the last ever printed copy of Balloon Magic – The Magazine Issue No 93 as well as spending a week at Pioneer Qualatex headquarters Wichita filming designs for the online Balloon Magazine publication 2019

An award winner as well as a popular instructor, teaching throughout Australia (OzJam, Balloon Camp, Qualatex Q Tour, BASA SA, BASA VIC, BASA NSW & BASA A) and Internationally  (FSJ 2014, WBC San Diego 2018, Twist & Shout Chicago 2019) 

Online teaching Q Corner 2020 & 2021 as well as FJS Virtual Home Convention 2021 – Online Qualatex Webinar Series 2021

Class Title: Quicker With the Link – The Toys are Back in Town!

Ever think about the toy box you had as a kid and all the cool toys that were inside?? In this class we will look at recreating cool toys from one of my favourite movies – maybe they were in your toy box as a kid? You are only limited by your imagination. Designs to wow your clients! These designs are quicker than you think... with awesome impact!

View Master / Binoculars

2 x Robin Egg Blue 6” Qlinks
2 x White 5” round
2 x Black 5” Round
2 x Red 350
3 x Robin’s Egg Blue 260’s
1 x Orange 260’s
1 x Red 160

1 x Blush 6” Qlink
1 x Mocha Brown 6” Qlink
2 x Chrome Silver 260 or 1 x Silver 260 & 1 x Silver 160
2 x Black 5” round
1 x Black 160
1 x Chocolate Brown 160
2 x  Blush 260
1 x White 260
3 x Mocha Brown 260
1 x Dark Green 160

RC – Remote Control Car

2 x Lime Green 6” Qlinks
1 x Black 6” Q link
3 x Lime Green 260
1 x Robins Egg Blue 260
2 x Black 260
2 x Red 260
1 x White 260
1 x White 160
1 x Robins Egg Blue 160
1 x Black 160