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About Olimpia

I have been surrounded by balloons all my life since I was a child, I saw my parents make the most spectacular decorations in Mexico, so Qualatex balloons have always been my education.

In 2006 I went to my first Qualatex convention and then I decided to dedicate myself to this all my life. I fell in love with the details, the colors and especially the deliveries, this being my business today.

From 2010 to 2016 I exhibited at the largest gift conventions in Mexico, teaching the correct use of Qualatex balloons and above all sharing my passion for balloons. I have always believed in constant training and have attended Qualatex events around the world, I have had the pleasure of working alongside the best international instructors whom I respect and admire.

I have been lucky enough to see my designs in the Balloon Images magazine, in the Qualatex catalogs and on the social networks of Qualatex Latam, Qualatex USA and Qualatex group. In 2020 and 2021, I participated in the world's first online global balloon convention (Q Corner Convention). I currently teach Qualatex Bubble Balloon classes online and throughout Mexico. I am very excited to be included for the 3rd time in the best online balloon convention next to all the Q Corner Rockstars.

Class Title: The 3 Q's of Qualatex Bubbles!!!

Immerse yourself in the world of Qualatex bubbles - discover their characteristics and qualities. Surprise yourself with Incredible techniques that will allow you to make any design.


  1. DO NOT open your bubble until the moment you are actually going to use it.
  2. A good knot will increase the duration of your balloons either flying or with air.
  3. When you work with details inside, such as balloons or confetti, it is a good idea to clean your bubble inside, you will have brighter and more diamond clear results

Product List

1 Deco bubble 24" clear
Spray Paint
1 led light 3mts.

Product List

1 deco bubble 24" clear
8 grms of confetti gold
hi float
1 syringe 5ml
spray paint (black and White)