Ting Yu Wong

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About Ting Yu

Hi everyone, I am Ting Yu from Hong Kong. I fell in love with balloon arts when I first found the unlimited potential of balloon in creating different things on the internet. I started my first ballon art in 2012. To better my skills, I went to learn the ballon art skills in Taiwan. In the same year, I found my company ColorLife Production Co. In 2014, I attended my first individual competition and won the champion in Taiwan. After that, I decided to challenge myself every year in the public competition. Within these 6 years, I obtained good results in Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan. In 2018, I was invited by Qualatex Aisa as a lecturer. Besides, I have national and international experiences in massive balloon decor.

Class Title: Animal Heads

In this seminar, you can learn W method and use its techniques to create different animal heads. I will also teach share my knowledge in combining organic and twisting techniques to enrich the uniqueness of your masterpieces. 


Product List

160 Goldenrod x 3pcs
260 Goldenrod x 8pcs
350 Goldenrod x 12pcs
12”Quick Link Goldenrod x 4pcs
260 Black x 6pcs
350 Black x 4pcs
5” Black x 4pcs
260 White x 14pcs
350 White x 2pcs
5” White x 2pcs
12” Quick Link White x 2pcs
260 Red x 2pcs
5” Red x 2pcs

260 Green x 14pcs
260 Spring Green x 14pcs

Organic Balloon
350 5” 11” 16” Green
350 5” 11” 16” Lime Green
350 5” 11” 16” Spring Green
5” 11” 16” Emerald Green
7” 11” Chrome Gold
5” Red