Competition: Live Twisted Figure - Session 2

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Date: Tuesday, March 23, 11:00 pm GMT

Competition Length: 12 minutes


This quick and exciting competition allows entrants 12 minutes to twist the balloon figure of their choice using only Qualatex latex balloons.

Competition Rules & Guidelines

  • This competition will be a live event lasting 12 minutes.
  • Please plan to sign in 20 minutes before the competition begins.
  • You will need to have your balloon product ready when the competition begins.
  • Only Qualatex balloons are allowed. Designs using other brands will be disqualified.
  • Within 5 minutes of the competition being over, you will be required to email a picture of your twisted figure to for judging.
  • Please confirm you understand all of the competition rules & guidelines.

Judging Standards

The Balloon Figure entries will be judged in the five categories listed below. Each category will have equal weight with criteria as follows:

  • Overall Impression: Visual impact, originality, uniqueness. Does the figure convey a sense of freshness or newness of style? Was it created with a new technique?
  • Balloon Manipulation Skills: Was a high degree of difficulty used in the creation of this piece? How precise were the techniques used?
  • Construction: Does the design demonstrate a high quality of work and meet professional standards? Are all mechanics well-hidden, and is there a durable and stable framework (if applicable)? Do special features such as motion, lighting, and illusions work correctly? Has the display been well-constructed?
  • Finishing Touches: Do hand-drawn and hand-letter elements have a professional finish? Does the figure demonstrate attention to detail?
  • Quality of Likeness: If the figure is supposed to be Santa Claus, for example, does it look like Santa?

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