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About Carolyn

I am a Certified Balloon Artist, speaker, teacher, motivator, and owner of Tru-B-Loons Event and Party Decor located in Maryland. I have been in business for ten years and have a storefront in Annapolis, Maryland. I am also the founder and owner of Elevate Balloon Academy, which provides beginner to advanced balloon classes in person and virtually.

My work includes but is not limited to custom sculptures, fantasy flowers, parade decor, organic decor, balloon costumes, and classic decor. I am well versed in many facets of balloon and event decor but love all things related to framing and building.

Country: United States

Language: English

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Class Information

Prettiest Pup in the World

Upscale your balloon dog to a cute delivery piece, gift or addition to your decor. We will create a big linking balloon dog with big floppy ears and a big smile.

Date & Time:  Tuesday, March 23rd 07:30 to 09:00 GMT

Class Duration: 90 minutes

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The Prettiest Pup in the World

(17) Yellow 12” Quick Links
(2) Yellow 6” Quick Links
(2) White 6” Quick Links (for eyes)
(3) 6” latex heart (accent pieces)
(26) 5” rounds Quartz purple

5 – under the head
4 – under the neck
3 – to support the tail
2 – make 2 split bubbles to form a small quad to support the heart on the tail
4 – one split bubble at each leg joint
6 – three attached to each eyeball
2 – Go inside a 6” link to form the eye

(2) 350Q yellow (for ears)
(1) 260Q yellow (for mouth)
(2) 160Q Quartz purple (for bow)
4 small sand weights

Download the sizing chart

Spike - The Baddest Bulldog on the Block

(11) 12” Gray Quick Links
(3) 6” Gray Quick Links
(6) 5” Gray rounds
(2) 5” Black rounds
(4) 6” White Quick Links
(3) 11” Gray round
(5) 260Q Gray
(5) 350Q Gray
(2) 160Q Black
(1) 260Q Black
(1) 5” Rose round 4 small sand weights

Download the sizing chart