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About Grelcel

I started in the world of balloons in 2016 by mere coincidence. I fell in love from the first moment. I visualized creating my own company, so I started a long journey of pure study, training, courses, and everything I could before deciding to quit my previous job. In September 2019, I received my CBA certification. At the end of the same year, I went to Italy for three months to work at Balloon Express Shop Cagliari. In July 2020, I opened my Laboratory I GLOVIU.

I have participated as an instructor in different conventions in Mexico and internationally, including the 2020 Float Convention Online and the February 2021 QBN Mundo Latino Internacional Online group.

Country: Mexico

Language: Spanish

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Class Information

Chubby Face

En esta clase aprenderemos a hacer un personaje CHUBBY FACE, jugando con las proporciones de nuestra cabeza y cuerpo, utilizando técnicas sencillas en distorsión pero obteniendo un resultado super lindo y vendible.

Date & Time: Tuesday, March 23rd 22:00 to 23:00 GMT

Class Duration: 60 minutes

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Product List

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