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About Laronda

LaRonda, the one woman show behind Butler Balloons, is taking balloons to the next level with her fashion inspired luxury balloon styling and installations. A true colorist, LaRonda is driven to create past the original pigmentation potential of a standard balloon. Custom colors are not new to the industry, but with her, the possibilities are endless as she pushes the envelope on the traditional color wheel. 

Most recently, she has created a niche for herself in the balloon decor industry by producing luxury hand painted balloon finishes inspired by the hottest fashion trends and timeless prints. Balloons... but make it FASHION.

Country: United States

Language: English

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Class Information

Color Me Pretty!

Step inside the world of custom colors from the eyes of a seasoned visual merchandiser. This session will explore unique color combinations as well as simple but effective painting techniques that will take your organic displays from good to great. 

Date & Time: Sunday, March 21st 20:00 to 20:30 GMT

Class Duration: 30 minutes

Class Type: Deco

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Product List

Ivory silk 5”, 9”, 11”
Silver 5”, 9”, 11”
Pink 5”, 9”, 11
Pearl Pink 5”, 11”
Lime Green 5”, 11”
Standard Green 5”
Chrome Copper 7”
White 11” 16”
Orange 11”
Blush 11”

Supplies for the Speckled Painted Accents 

I used Black and Bronze Gold acrylic paint but any color will do. 
A firm toothbrush 
Cardboard box
Plastic tarp