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About Martha

In March 2018, I started in the wonderful world of balloons. I decorated my son's first birthday, and from there, I began to sell to my friends and family and advertise on social networks. People started to notice my art! I continued with videos and tutorials, and little by little, to enjoy conventions and classes with the best in the world. Now I decorate for artists and large companies. I love to make surprise balloon deliveries. I have participated in competitions such as columns and dresses. In this challenging time, I decided to venture into the world of classes and share my talent and experience. I primarily teach courses in Las Vegas, Nevada. Decorating is a dream come true!

Country: United States

Language: Spanish

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Class Information

Butterfly world for mom / Mundo de mariposas para mama 

Incredible QuickLink balloon wall with amazing new balloons, pearl pastel colors and different balloon sizes. 

Una pared original no solo para este dia de las madres, si no Tambien con los increibles globos nuevos de Qualatex. Una pared muy original en tonos perla pasteles y con un toque organico.

Date & Time: Tuesday, March 23rd 04:30 to 05:00 GMT

Class Duration: 30 minutes

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Product List

QuickLink balloon wall:
12” white qlink balloons – 64 piezas
5” white round balloons – 82 piezas
9” Pastel assortment bag balloons
     Yellow – 4 piezas
     Pale blue – 2 piezas
     Spring lilac – 6 piezas
9” white round balloons – 24 piezas
16” pink round balloons – 12 piezas
260” white twist balloons

18” Heart Mother’s Day pastel heart – 2 piezas 
22” Bubble Mother’s Day floral pastel – 2 piezas
40” Beautiful butterfly

Organic design Extra: (OPTIONAL)
White round balloon:
5” Assorted bag- pastel colors 
7” Gold chrome – 10 piezas

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