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About Olimpia

I have been surrounded by balloons all my life. In 2006 I went to my first Qualatex convention. I fell in love with details, colors, and deliveries, which is my business today. At my second Mexico Qualatex convention, I saw a spectacular product that blew my mind. The Bubble Balloon. That very special product became my favorite and my specialty. I have attended three Qualatex world conventions and all the conventions in Mexico since 2006. In 2020, I had the joy of teaching a class at the first online world balloon convention—the Q Corner Convention, and also had the good fortune to see my designs in the Images magazine, and in Qualatex catalogues, and on the Qualatex Latam and USA social media platforms.

Country: Mexico

Language: Spanish, English

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Class Information

From the foil to the top

Crea columnas fáciles y originales siguiendo tres pasos, que te ayudarán a crear diseños originales y en tendencia!!!

Date & Time: Tuesday, March 23rd 00:30 to 01:15 GMT

Class Duration: 45 minutes

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Product List

204 globos pink de 5" 
15 globos goldenrod 5"
15 globos   spring lilac5"
15 globos red 5 "
15 globos caribbean blue 5 "
41 globos white 5" 
8 globos white 11"
6 globos red 260q
2 globos M  16" 
1  globo u 16" 
1 corazon de 18 " rojo 
Aerosol color purple 
Aerosol caribbean blue