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About Yuri

I am Yuri Muñoz, Bachelor of Commerce by profession, Decorator by choice! I have worked as a Creative Assistant at Globos Rey Reynosa®️ for ten years. At the same time, I have been running my company, Decor-Arte Balloons, for 15 years. I started with decorating children's parties. Over the years, I decided to focus on the private sector, mainly covering business events. My main experience is handling the round balloon and event setup.

I also like to teach and share my knowledge about this beautiful job that has given me so much.

Country: Mexico

Language: Spanish

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Class Information

Arcoíris de Pascua / Easter Rainbow

Aprenderá a realizar un arcoíris de globos utilizando la técnica dúplex, te mostrare los diferentes pasos a seguir para que al final logres crear un trabajo impecable.

You will learn to make a rainbow of balloons using the duplex technique, I will show you the different steps to follow so that in the end you can create an impeccable work.

Date & Time: Tuesday, March 23rd 03:30 to 04:30 GMT

Class Duration: 60 minutes

Class Type: Deco

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Product List

41 globos Rosa mexicano 11"
41 globos Rosa 11"
41 globos Amarillo Primavera 11"
41 globos verde lima 11"
42 globos azul caribe 11"
42 globos lila primavera 5"

41 globos blanco 11"
06 globos blanco 16"
10 globos blanco 260Q
Monofilamento cal. 80
Ligas #32