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Competitions will be open to viewing by anyone (not just Rockstars), but results will be announced during closing ceremonies to Rockstars only. All competitions are limited to use of Qualatex and/or Northstar balloons. Delegates may apply to one or both competitions, but must be availalbe at the times stated on the form and have access to Zoom. 

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Table Decoration (1 hour contest)
Tuesday, October 11, 4.30pm CST

Design a centrepiece or buffet design.
Winner receives $100 voucher for Qualatex balloons.

Twisted Figure Contest (15 minute contest)
Wednesday, October 12, 4.30pm CST

Contestants to create a figure from Qualatex balloons.
The majority of the balloons must be from the entertainer range.
Winner receives $100 voucher for Qualatex balloons.