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About André & Grace

Specialist in large projects, in his almost 30 years working with balloons, André Figueiredo realized he could live on it when he went to help “fill balloons” at a Children's Buffet and his skill was discovered. Shortly thereafter, he was emancipated to start his own business and, at the age of 17, he got a project, in which he decorated more than 60 hypermarkets. In 1998 it became QBN - Qualatex Balloon Network and it never stopped specializing, there were many congresses, fairs and seminars, in Brazil and in the world. In 2019, André moved his 27m² balloon store to a 200m² store in Salvador. André Figueiredo and his wife, Grace Figueiredo, teach courses, workshops and seminars in Brazil and in many countries around the world, always together, they were recognized as a professional of influence by Qualatex magazine, in 2019 and in 2020, they were also in the magazine but, this time time with the dissemination of a work as inspiration.

Grace Pires Figueiredo is known for her beautiful and meticulous works, capable of combining beauty, good taste and very good added values, after all, her projects mostly have touches capable of delighting those who are buying and are interesting for It was Grace who developed the Bubblemania technique that uses different models of Bubble-type balloons, with other types of balloons as complementary to form characters and whatever else the imagination allows.

Class Title: Bubble Mania

Super dynamic class, full of valuable tips and will teach you how to create amazing drawings even for those who don't draw.

Product List

balloon bond
16" Blush Balloon
5" orange balloon
5" balloon assorted colors
balloon 160
quinklink balloon
7" green chrome balloon
24" Deco Bubble
Vinyl for the mold (silhouette)
transfer mask
posca pen
Scraper for vinyl