Garlis Bolivar, CBA

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About Garlis

I am from Venezuela, but I have lived in Mexico for 15 years, ¡which obviously makes me Mexican at heart! I have always liked crafts and I considered myself very creative, I am very detailed (perhaps too much) and that’s one reason I’m recognized My first contact with balloons was in 1994 when for the first time I decorated a party with balloons, the first birthday of my eldest son, from that moment my interest in learning more about the world of balloons increased.

In August 2007 I moved to Mexico City and my interaction with balloons increased in such a way that my vision of them went through a total transformation, I fell in love with balloons and my passion for them grew with each course I attended. In all the courses and conventions I’ve been to, I have met and shared with many internationally recognized balloon artists and instructors whom I love and admire very much

I have participated in the 2016 and 2018 WBC competitions and I have been the official decorator of La Feria de la Risa, Clown Convention that takes place annually in Mexico with the presence of clowns from all over the world and sponsored by Pioneer Balloon Mexico.

Had the pleasure of being recognized by Qualatex, seeing some of my designs published in Image magazine, Qualatex calendar and catalogs and I have been an official Qualatex instructor in different states of the Republic of Mexico and internationally in Venezuela, Ecuador and the United States, as well as a decorator for some of its main face-to-face events, at different Expos in Mexico also, I’ve had the pleasure of being invited as an instructor at Globo-Con for two consecutive years, 2017 and 2018, obtaining recognition for my trajectory.

I was part of the Qualatex team of instructors at the Latin Balloon convention, Globo Con 2022 and now I am part of the CBA certification instructors group in Mexico and worldwide ans also I have the pleasure of, once again, being part of the group of instructors of Q Corner Convention for the third time.

I’m a strong believer that learning never ends. There is always someone that can teach you something new or a different way of doing things. I try to stay at the forefront, I like to create, invent, ¿experiment and why not? discover new techniques. I always ask myself when I see something that catches my eye “¿can I do it with balloons?”

Class Title: Charming Magical Rings

In this class let yourself be surrounded by magic and create a new fun, original, elegant and charming way to deliver a special present to that important person. You will have a range of opportunities since you can adapt it to any occasion regardless of the age or sex of that special person, add details, and create what could become your new best-seller. Easy to sell and adjustable to the budget of all your clients.

Product List

3 aluminum rod hoops 6mm (1/4") diameter
Gold spray paint
A slice of natural wood of approx. 30cm (12") diameter
2 mini warm white led lights
Fine and chunky pink glitter
Metallic flakes pink and pale gold
Dashes or Glue Dots
Spray glue

1 9" star Rose Gold
5" Pearl White
5" Pearl Pink
5" Pearl Magenta
5" Pearl Burgundy
5" Sparkling Burgundy
5"Rose Gold
5" Pink
5" WildBerry
5" Chocolate Brown
5" Ivory
5" Diamond Clear
7" Chrome Mauve
Customer gift