Glen LaValley, CBA

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About Glen

Glen LaValley (Glen The Balloon Guy) is a balloon artist and balloon decorator (CBA 2016), who has been in perfecting his art for over twenty years.  He has won numerous awards at balloon conventions and cosplay events, and is most recognized for his detailed and animated balloon costumes.  Glen has instructed at balloon conventions including Twist and Shout, Blackpool Balloon Bash, Florida Super Jam, Ballooniversity and Q Corner.  He has been featured in industry magazines and interviews, and has traveled to China to work on the world’s largest balloon zoo project.

Class Title: “Oh, What A Knight!”

Medieval knights are popular figures in history and appear in countless books, movies, video games and role-playing adventures. In this class Glen will teach you how to create a life size medieval knight sculpture, including his trusty broadsword. This is an intermediate twisting sculpture; most sizes of twisting balloons will be used. Glen will walk you through the sculpture in detail and will show you many clever tricks and techniques to help you create your knight in shining armor.

Product List

16" Gray - 1
11" Gray - 2
160Q Gray - 10
260Q Gray - 26
350Q Gray - 16
646Q Gray - 14
160Q Red - 3
350Q Red - 2
350Q Silver - 1
350Q Black - 1
260Q Chrome Gold - 2
260Q Chrome Copper - 2
5" Red - 3