Jackie Ochitwa, CBA

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About Jackie

Jackie started twisting professionally in 2010 when she picked up a pump and some balloons and realized that her love of art could translate so beautifully with latex as the medium. The former radio host launched her company With a Twist Balloon Creations the same year.

Jackie is an award winning, full time balloon artist specializing in fun and fresh table décor and delivery pieces. She made her teaching debut in 2016 and has since taught across Canada, the United States, in Mexico, South America, Australia, Europe and the Middle East. She is most honored to have been invited to instruct at the World Balloon Convention in San Diego in March of 2018.

Class Title: Stuffed Balloon Gifts ~ With a Twist

Join Jackie as she demonstrates how she creates adorable, seasonal and highly profitable stuffed balloon gifts.

Dragonfly Birthday
16” Northstar Jelli Numbers
18” Clear Filigree and Hearts Round
4”/9” Pink Hearts
160 Rose, Pink, Wildberry
5” Rose, White, Clear Stars-a-round
260 Chrome Rose Gold

Perfume Bottle
18” Clear Filigree and Hearts Round
4”/9” Pink Hearts
260/7” Chrome Rose Gold
260 Goldenrod, Pink, Rose, White
Ice Cream Birthday
16” Northstar Jelli Numbers

Mini Ice Cream Foil
9” Heart
5” Pink, Blue, White, Purple, Yellow
160 Lilac, Blue, White
260 Pink, Lime Green
350 White

Snow Globe
18” Clear or Patterned Round
7”/260 Chrome Gold
5”/160 red
4” stars
6” White Quick Link
160 Mocha
260/350 Black

Fish Bowl:
18” Clear Hearts a Round
16” Northstar Jelli Number 
350 Clear
260 Wintergreen, Goldenrod
160 Pale Blue
5” White