Lorenis Jordan, CBA

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About Lorenis

I am from Venezuela but I live in Orlando, FL since 2016. I have been working in this beautiful balloon world for 2 years. I became a CBA in the magical convention Balloon Wonderland. I love to give happiness to my clients, that is my favorite part and now I teach this amazing art and I do it with all my heart

3 top tips

  1. Give to my clients the best experience in their best moments to celebrate. 
  2. Give more than the clients expects, the little details make big differences
  3. Work with all my love. Everything made it with love is the key to success

Class Title: Fabulous Pineapple

Is an incredible pineapple with the duplex technique. I will do 32 duplex in 7 rings and for the leaf we will use 5 flat columns. 

Product List

Gold 11 inch
Gold 5 inch
Lime green 5 inch
Spring green 5 inch
Fishing line 50lb

Total balloons for the base 288
Total balloons for the leaf 150