Miguel Rêgo, CBA

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About Miquel

I'm Miguel Rêgo CBA and I have always been connected to events, as a dj. I discovered balloons in 2010 and that led to the creation of my company Casa dos Balões in 2014. In search of more and better knowledge, I completed several training courses in the area. I joined the QBN and became a CBA. I've been an instructor for Qualatex in Portugal, at the Onart event in Barcelona, at the Slovenia Event, and at the Q Corner Convention of 2020 and 2021.

Recently my works were selected for the The Very Best of 2020, Qualatex 2021 Calendar and Qualatex 2021 Catalogue.

Class Title: Simplifying the Organic 

In this class I’ll explain my vision of how to make money with the extremely popular organic decor. Simple techniques and tips focused on profit margins. And of course, you will meet my shop and our staff.