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About Phileas

British born performer Phileas Flash (aka Rupert Appleyard)  has been capturing hearts worldwide with his brilliant brand of balloon art, charming comedy and crazy magic for over eighteen years.

Armed only with a little wit, a lot of talent and a big bag of balloons he's traveled all over the globe and amazed audiences everywhere from Iceland to Egypt, Japan to Dominican Republic and everywhere in between.

Phileas has performed for Hollywood celebrities, won international awards, twisted balloons for dukes and duchesses and frequently appears on television in both Canada  (where he now lives) and internationally. Most recently he appeared on ‘Blow Up!’ in the Netherlands as a guest judge.

He is widely known for his fan art balloons and was even commissioned by American broadcaster AMC to make Walking Dead balloon art for their award-winning image spot "Life imitates AMC"

A master of the balloon face, he is well known for his seminal Face of things to come tutorial series. They have propelled him to a career as an international balloon instructor and he has taught at many of the World’s most prestigious balloon art conventions, (including World Balloon Convention, Twist & Shout, Ozjam, Qbac, Ballooniversity and Millennium Jam).  

So if you've ever been blown away by a balloon dog be prepared for you are about to be blindsided by the balloony brilliance of Phileas Flash.

Top 3 Tips

  1. Be kind. Although this might sound like it isn’t a business tip, it is applicable to all areas of life. Kindness costs nothing, but it makes a big difference to how your clients and colleagues feel about you. I would rather hire or work with someone who is kind than someone who is not, wouldn’t you?
  2. Try not to compare yourself and your successes to others. You are the only you in the world and bring your own unique talents to what you do. In these days of social media it is easy to waste time wishing the successes of others were yours. Instead, learn from them and then put your focus into your own work, that is key to creating your success story.
  3. “Ideas don’t work unless you do” I read this inscription in a book I was modifying for my Fairy Finding project. It struck me as very true. The world is full of bright ideas, but they remain just ideas until you action them and put the work in. So forge ahead my friend and turn your very best ideas into reality!

Class Title: Balloons for Everyone

Join Phileas Flash (aka Rupert Appleyard) as he shows you how to make some of his favorite creations. From super simple to advanced balloons, there is something for everyone in this fun filled class.

Product List: Crewmate
1 x 350 red
1 x 260 red
1 x 350 silver

Product List: Down n' dirty bike
2 x grey 160
1 x white 160
1 × chrome green 260
1 x chrome 260 black
1 x 5 inch round white

Product List: Monster truck
2 x 646 red
1 x 646 grey
2 x 350 red
6 x 260 chrome silver
2 x 5 inch round yellow
4 × 7 inch chrome gold
4 x 16 inch round black