Stephanie Morace

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About Stephanie

Ten years ago, Stephanie tied her first balloon sitting in her office at her engineering firm. Little did she know how much that simple act would change everything. Before the end of the year she would be traveling across the world to attend balloon conventions and meet her new family of balloon artists. 

Soon her day job was a distant memory and she was running her own Balloon entertainment and decor company. The years have been filled with balloon competitions,  conventions and awards. Now, her favorite thing to do is teach others some of her favorite twisting and decor designs. Her second favorite thing to do is share her amazing dance moves with the world.

Class Title: Easy Peasy Line Work

Sometimes you only have seconds to make something for your audience. These quick  designs and concepts can be used to help simplify your linework menu.

Top Three Tips

  1. Having designs that can be scaled up or down is crucial to provide quality work no mater the size of crowd that you need to entertain.
  2. Small additions (lights, headbands, tulle, tinsel, stickers, etc) are a great way to spruce up a simple design.
  3. Practicing a design often will allow you to be more efficient on the job and focus more on your audience while making your creations

Product List

1 white 5 inch 
1 lime green 260

1 blush 260
1 blush 5 inch
1 black 260
1 red 160

Simple Excavator 
1 goldenrod 260
1 black 260

1 white 350
1 black 260
1 lime green 160

Kitty ballerina 
1 white 160
1 pink 160
1 white 350

Rainbow headband
1 white 260
1 carribean blue 260
1 goldenrod 260
1 red 260

Pumpkin headband
1 orange 260
1 lime green 160 or 260