Teruaki Ito

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About Teruaki

My name is Teruaki Ito. but call me Teriyaki. Easy to remember, right? I work under this name. I started twisting balloons in 2011. The reason is that I came across a wonderful balloon art on the Internet. I got so into it that I now have a job. I challenged the balloon art contest and was able to win several prizes.

Class Title: Heart-shaped Works and God of Love

In this class, we will make two works. One is a work using the shape of a heart. Hearts are items that appear in various scenes. This design will surely help you.

Another work is God of love. You can make babies this way too.

Product List

Heart-shaped works

  • Geo Blossam 16" Red
  • 260Q Chrome Gold

God of Love

  • Heart 11" White
  • 11" White
  • 5" Blush
  • 350Q Blush
  • 350Q Yellow
  • 260Q Blush
  • 260Q Yellow
  • 260Q White
  • 260Q Pink
  • 260Q Onyx Black


  • 12" Quick Link White
  • 6" Quick Link White
  • 646Q White