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About Xiaoyan

I am a well-known balloon trainer in China with more than 12 years of balloon industry experience. Since 2012, I have operated my training school called XYZ Balloon Education. I have led teams in more than 200 large-scale events, including the CCTV balloon team for six consecutive years, CCTV Spring Festival Gala as balloon props set team, and participated in several international balloon contests, winning many prizes in Russia, Malaysia, and Thailand. I have participated in the Singapore Guinness Records shopping mall balloon decoration event for eight consecutive years. I have also lead teams to decorate many other China local shopping malls with balloons.

Class Title: Carousels

This Carousel class is an extension from the previous Q-Corner Tsum Tsum characters course. We made changes and modification from the basis of Tsum Tsum character technique, using a 6-inch Quicklink instead of 12’’ QL to make smaller sculptures and combine them into a thematic exquisite creation like this Carousel design, which can be used as a gift or in a decoration.


The carousel is the beginning of a girl's fairy tale in her fairy tale world. When passing by the carousel in the amusement park, I will always stop and feel the fairy tale world under the carousel. With happy mood and beautiful fantasy, I use balloons to design this Merry-go-round theme. May the lovely you stay innocent forever.

The Carousel theme design can be gifts for baby shower, table centerpiece, nice baby bouquet base and photo props, etc.

Gift extension: Buy a rotating base and a music box (with the melodious music and rotating movement), further enhance it with fairy lights, package in a transparent gift box, it becomes such unique and exquisite gift!

Product List

Sleepy Bear
 6" Mocha Brown QLink 2
260 Mocha Brown 2

Sleepy Bunny 
6"  Ivory QL  2 
6"  white QL  2 
5"  white 2 
260 Ivory 1 
160 Ivory 3 

Sleepy Baby Ellie
6"  QL white 4 
6"  QL Caribbean Blue 2 260 white 2 
260 Ivory 1 
160 Caribbean Blue 4 
160 white 1 

Sleepy Piggy
6" QL white 2 
6"  QL pink 2 
5"  white 2 
260 pink 2 
260 white 1 
160 pink 3 

Sleepy Kitty
6" QL white 4 
260 Caribbean Blue 1 
260 yellow 1 
260 white 1 
160 white 3 

11" hrt  white love 5 
11" Caribbean Blue 5 
350 white 1 
350 Caribbean Blue 1
 260 white 14 
260 Caribbean Blue 7 
160 Ivory 4 
160 white 10