Zahraa Jawad, CBA

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About Zahraa

I started my balloon journey in 2014. My sister and I run our shop, Forever Balloons Boutique, in Lebanon. I am well known for my creative balloon designs, long lasting and detail-oriented table pieces that are super sellable and easy to deliver.

I have won many competitions at the Qualatex Conventions and workshops, my best was at the Qualatex World Tour in Dubai 2017. I’m happy to have many of my designs featured in Qualatex Balloon Images, Calendars, Catalogs, Design Inspirations, and social media pages.

I also had the pleasure of teaching for Qualatex local distributors, the online Q Corner Convention 2021, and the Qualatex Webinar June 2021.

I am a continuous learner, from my experience education is a key for success, where even after becoming a professional you can always learn something new from amazing artists around the world!

Class Title: Back to Basics

According to International resources, Global GDP growth is expected to slow through 2023 adding high risks of recession.

With the falling demand and supply shortage like helium and other materials, it's good to go "BACK TO BASICS" where we can create designs regardless of any shortage, and introduce to our customers special designs not pricey for them but still profitable for us. Moreover, it makes it possible for any beginner who is considering starting a balloon business to operate from home with no staff, low capital, and move to higher levels later.

In this class, I'll be creating profitable, easy to do, easy to deliver designs with low-cost material, and a "Special-Trendy" touch! All you need is some simple accessories and of course QUALATEX BALLOONS :)

P.S. all designs are AIR FILLED.

Ombre Cup Cake Design:
11’’: Super Agates mixed colors x 8 
 (11’’weight double stuffed size 4.5’’)
11’’: white x4
5’’: white x 20 – colored one from each: Golden Rod berry lilac rose Caribbean blue
646: Diamond Clear
Confetti PomPoms colored (small or medium)
31’’Birthday Ombre Cupcake 
260Q scraps colored to make the sprinkles and white for tying organics together
Glue Dots

Twinkle Design:
11’’: Pearl Light Blue(1) – Pearl Lavender(2) – Pearl Pink(1) – (11’’weight size 3.5’’)
5’’: white(25) - Pearl Light Blue(1) – Pearl Lavender(2) – Pearl Pink(1)
646: white(1) – Diamond Clear(1)
260q : white (scraps for tying) 
Star 4” (1 from each): pearl pink – pearl light blue – metallic gold
Star 9” (1 from each):  pearl pink – pearl light blue
Moon 9’’ x1
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Foil 18” Round
Small Pieces of organza pink and blue around 6 pieces
White feather rope
Vinyl clouds shape (2-5cm), boy-girl names (8cm)
Glue Dots

Butterfly Design:
18’’: Diamond Clear x 1
11’’ (3 from each): Pearl Pink Pearl lavender Pearl Lemon Chiffon Pearl Light Blue- (11’’weight double stuffed size 4.5’’)
5’’(10 pcs mixed from these colors): Pearl Pink Pearl lavender Pearl Lemon Chiffon Pearl Light Blue
5’’: diamond clear butterfly print x 3
260q: white x1 pearl pink x1
646: White (2)
40’’ Beautiful Butterfly / Any 18’’ Foil of your choice that matches the Butterfly shape
Piece of Stretchy Tape (optional)