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About Nelly & Aleks

We are balloon designers in México. We love to create cute and colorful characters and giant scenarios. We taught classes in Qualatex Tour and other Qualatex Events in South America, Europe and Asia. The clean work, simplicity and eye to details is a guideline for us to show our clients the magic of balloons.

Country: Mexico

Language: Spanish

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You can also see Nellie Mildred and Aleks here!

Monday, March 22, 13:30 - 14:00 GMT

Design Panel Discussion featuring including Sue Bowler, Tope Abulude, Aleks Hernandez and Nelly Mildred!

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Class Information

Helados Deliciosos (Delicious Ice Cream)

Crearemos un lindo y delicioso helado con globos y lindas caras de animalitos, una mezcla tierna y a la vez colorida.

Date & Time: Tuesday, March 23rd 02:30 to 03:30 GMT

Class Duration: 60 minutes

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Product List

1pz 3' Gris
2pz 5" Rosa
1pz 5" Cereza Intenso
1pz 160q Verde Primavera
1pz 160q Negro Onix
1pz 260q Blanco
8pz 260q Amarillo Primavera
1pz 350q Rosa Mexicano
1pz 350q Gris
8pz 5" Amarillo Primavera
1pz 11" Blanco
12pz 11" Amarillo Primavera
16pz 5" Gris
8pz 12" QuickLink Gris
Pegamento para Látex
Marcador Acrílico Negro
Marcador Acrílico Gris
Marcador Acrílico Rojo

1pc 3' Gray
2pc 5" Pink
1pc 5" Wildberry
1pc 160q Spring Green
1pc 160q Onyx Black
1pc 260q White
8pc 260q Goldenrod
1pc 350q Rose
1pc 350q Gray
8pc 5" Goldenrod
1pc 11" White
12pc 11" Goldenrod
16pc 5" Gray
8pc 12" QuickLink Gray
Latex Glue
Black Paint Marker
Dark Gray Paint Marker
Red Paint Marker