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About Bob

I am Bob Armstrong, known professionally as Doctor Bob. I have been in the magnetic balloon world for over 27 long, hard but incredibly rewarding years with some amazing and comical memories! I have a workshop in my retail store, Doctor Bobs Balloons Unlimited, where I design, consultant, and create balloon sculptures for every occasion, whether a family celebration or a big corporate event.

As a renowned balloon artist, I began my balloon-twisting career when working as a train driver and involved with first aid at work back in the early '90s. This is how I earned the nickname 'Doctor Bob' from incorporating balloons into my presentations and quickly fixing them when they popped - effectively, healing them and bringing them back to life  

Country: Wales

Language: English

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Class Information

The Art of Creating Caricatures

How would you look at a person and interpret a picture of them? Using my years of experience creating balloon caricatures for customers and celebrities, I will provide insight on where to begin on your caricature journey. I will demonstrate how to tackle requests to create a caricature of an individual or a pet, and show how to break the process down to master the art form by using a variety of techniques and all forms of Qualatex® latex balloons. Many principles, once mastered, can be translated from one creation to another.

Date & Time: Monday, March 22nd 11:30 to 13:00 GMT

Class Duration: 90 minutes

Class Type: Twister

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Large Sculpture

Terry (aka The Cowboy)


Del Boy

Del Boy


Grampy Golfer

Gent on Mobility Scooter

Gent on Mobility Scooter

Green Golfer

Italian Footballer




Tim Wonacott


Prince Charles

Elton John


Man Clutch

Mountain Rescue

Mountain Rescue





Muscle Man



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