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About Datsa

I am the founder of a multiple award-winning company, Sequin Walls UK and Decor Design School. Last year, my work and experience were published 96 times in the local, national and international press. I was also selected as a top 100 female entrepreneur in campaign f: entrepreneur in the UK. I have always loved creating balloon art, and the journey, which started just as a hobby, has now turned into a profitable business. After setting up my company, I received enquiries from other event decorators asking how to set up photo zones. In March 2020, I expanded my school by going online to help other like-minded people set up their events businesses.

Country: United Kingdom

Language: English, Latvian

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Class Information

How to create a luxury photo zone

In this class we will be building a photo zone from sequin panels and Qualatex balloons. You will learn two different ways how to create balloon designs for the photo zone -  first by attaching the cluster balloons to the wall, and second,  with balloon sculpture around the pole.

Date & Time: Tuesday, March 23rd 18:15 to 19:15 GMT

Class Duration: 60 minutes

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Product List

  • Pink balloons in 5”, 11” and 16” and 260Q
  • Rose balloons in 11” and 260Q

Sequin panels we used by @sequinwallsukofficial