Federico Onida, CBA

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About Federico

My specialty is deco-twisting, and I love to create sculptures, especially large ones, and designs rich in details, inspired by the Lego blocks concept. In recent years I have developed some techniques with Quick Links balloons (walls and columns, paintings and frame - Quick Link Matrix); no-round balloons like giant flowers and D-stortion (a special twisting technique); and the most recent and very versatile Flat Garland and Flat Base. I have won many awards, including 1st place for the Large Sculpture competition at WBC 2010, with the sculpture San Giorgio and the Dragon; "New Artist of the Year" and "Master Designer" at the 2014 WBC in Denver, Colorado. My company, "Balloon Express Shop" in Cagliari, celebrated 20 years of opening in 2020.

Country: Italy

Language: English, Spanish

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Class Information

2 Cluster Characters

In this class you will learn how to make my extremely popular characters and animals built with a base of 2 clusters of balloons, with accessories and details. It is a simple technique to learn, but you will have a great selection of very sellable designs. It is important to have fun with balloons, and these characters can be created quickly, giving you something a little different to offer your customers.

This class is best for Intermediate Balloon Decorators.

Date & Time: Monday, March 22nd 15:30 to 17:00 GMT

Class Duration: 90 minutes

Class Type: Deco / Retail

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