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About Florence

Balloon artist for 15 years, I started with decoration, then twisting. I discovered the balloon stretched and glued with passion. I got 3rd place in the Fashion category at WBC 2016. I like to customize my balloons to make them unique. Florence had settled in Paris where her business Ballons de Presetige is based, she now lives in the south of France.

Country: France

Language: French

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Class Information

Plexipole Centerpiece / Custom Balloons
Centre de table Plexipole / ballons customisés

Presentation of the plexipole for creating an original centerpiece, with balloons customized with fabric and paper.

Présentation de la plexipole pour création d'un centre de table original, avec des ballons customisés avec du tissu et du papier.

Date & Time: Monday, March 22nd 07:30 to 08:00 GMT

Class Duration: 30 minutes

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Product List

9 "and 4" foil core
Tissue or paper towels
Glue varnish
5" white latex
5" latex pink
5" mocha brown
5" black
5" diamond clear
Stretchy balloon tape
Balloon bond
160Q or 260Q for closing Bubbles and hooks
Bubble 24"
Bubble 20"
Maxi cup
1x 11" for dressing the maxi cup