Gabriela Rivera, CBA

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About Gabriela

I started learning how to do balloons when my daughter was six years old. She is now 21! What began as a hobby years later became my profession. I love to make people smile and elevate events with balloons. I have shared my passion throughout the years by teaching classes, and I love to see people build each other up.

Country: United States

Language: Spanish

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Class Information

Valando hacia el espacio / Flying into Space

En esta clase aprenderas como hacer in balloon boquet tema espacio, usando Chrome® balloons.

In this class you will learn how to make a space theme balloon bouquet, using Chrome® balloons.

Date & Time: Wednesday, March 24, 10:30-11:00 GMT

Class Duration: 30 minutes

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Product List

1 water plastic Pilar base 2 ft tall
1 fringe foil curtain
10 mixed chrome balloons size 11” (Gold, blue, silver, green)
50 mixed chrome balloons 7” (gold, blue, silver, green)
4 260Q’s chrome balloons ( blue green, silver )
1 3ft white round balloon
1 foil astronaut from Qualatex
160Q’s or 260Q’s to tight balloons any color (10)