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About Hector

I am the founder and owner of Globo Attack. I started my company about ten years ago doing balloon entertainment and then perfecting myself in different events in my country and abroad, such as in the 2017 Qualatex Event Chile, WBC 2016, Qualatex Event Mexico 2019, and Waikiki Fest 2020. I have stood out in Chile for carrying out projects involving many balloons and techniques, managing and leading each project for companies and activities in my city Valdivia. Due to the Covid-19 situation, I have changed my business focus and started bringing my balloon creations to homes.

Country: Chile

Language: Spanish

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Class Information

Balloon Pets

Learn how to make 3 different balloon dog breeds step-by-step! These designs are perfect for all pet-lovers!

Date & Time: Wednesday, March 24th 03:30 to 04:30 GMT

Class Duration: 60 minutes

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Figura 1 perro Pomerania

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1 260Q blanco o blush (Orejas)
1 260Q negro

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1 260Q blush o blanco Cola
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4 350Q Moca café
1 260Q negro
1 260Q blanco dedos
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1 646Q Moca Cabeza
1 350Q Moca café
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1 260Q negro
1 260Q blanco

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1 646Q Moca café

2 r. 11 chocolate
2 260Q Moca cafe
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1 350Q blanco
1 260Q blanco (dedos)

1 350Q moca
1 350Q blanco

3 r. 5 Moca café
1 160Q café Moca

Figura 3 perro Pug

2 r. 16 blush
1 350Q blush
2 260Q café Moca
1 350Q negro
2 350Q Moca café
1 r. 9 rosado Orejas
2 r. 11 Moca café
2 260Q Moca cafe
2 r. 5 Moca café

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2 350Q blush
1 350Q blush
1 260Q blush(dedos)

1 350Q blush

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