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About Liz

My name is Lizet Aguirre Zapata, but call me Liz! I am a CBA and live in Mexico City. I have seven years of experience in the balloon industry, most of which have been teaching classes on different balloon techniques. I have given workshops for groups of children and adolescents of different ages and occupational therapy for older adults who have arthritis—handling balloons helps them considerably and, above all, obtain a new source of income. I love being able to teach classes and observe the development and improvement of my students.

Country: Mexico

Language: Spanish

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Class Information: 

Bee-Love MOM

Liz will demonstrate how to make her adorable "petit bouquet," weaving a basket to include sweet treats.

Date & Time: Sunday, March 21st 14:00 to 15:00 GMT

Class Duration: 60 minutes

Set a reminder and watch here!

BEE-Love MOM (Petit Bouquet)

1 globo abeja mini sweet bee foil14"
2 globos foil Queen Bee stripes 9"
6 globos amarillos 260q (cesta)
1 globo amarillo 160q ( bases para el foil)
3 globos negros 160q (letras)
3 globos rosa mexicano
5"q ( corazones)
3 globos wintergreen
160q Pegamento Tape

HAPPY BEE-RTHDAY (petit bouquet)

6 globos amarillos 260Q
3 globos negros 260Q 
3 globos amarillos 160Q 
1 globo R 5"q Rosa
2 globos rosa 160Q ( interno distorsión/ moño/ cuello)
1 globo rosa 260Q ( alas)
3 globos negros 160q ( antenas)
1 globo blush 12" Q link
1 globo 160"q blush
2 stickers negros para ojos
Plumones negro y rosa
Pintura acrílica blanca para ojitos
Pegamento (opcional)
*The pink tones used in the design can be different, always taking care of harmony and unity in the design