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About Marlys

Marlys is Venezuelan, professional in business administration and with a postgraduate degree in MBA in Marketing Management. She started working with balloons when she was 15 years old, in her mother's event organization company and in 2004 she decided to open her own business. Passionate about balloons, she joined the QBN member network and was certified as a CBA in 2012. And she became a talented decorator and pioneer in her country with the creation of children's scenarios. Her passion for teaching led her to travel to various cities in Venezuela and other countries such as: Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Chile, Mexico, Panama, Brazil and the United States. She was an instructor for the Word Balloon Convention in 2016 and 2018 Today, she is part of the Pioneer Balloon Brasil team as Educational Strategy Manager, where she has contributed to the Brazilian market for more than 5 years. Her mission within Pioneer is to further develop the Retail market and professionally train new entrepreneurs in the world of balloons. Marlys describes herself as a thoughtful, analytical and creative person. She wants to cross borders by bringing her ideas and creations, as well as contributing to the professional growth of artists from all over the world.

Country: Brazil

Language: Portuguese, Spanish

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Class Information

Os Desafios do Retail / The challenges of retail

In this class the participants will learn to develop impeccable work with details of great visual impact that will help increase their sales.

Date & Time:  Tuesday, March 23, 5:45-6:30 GMT

Class Duration: 45 minutes

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Product List

Primeiro Arranjo / First delivery arrangement

Caixa decorativa
Espuma floral
Papel de seda
Balões 5” amarelo, azul, verde, transparente
Palitos de madera
Varetas para balões
Balões de foil estrela 9”
Fita de cetim 

Balões Microfoil 18” Baby Boy
Balões de látex 11” azul e amarelo perolados
Fita dupla face, dashes ou balloon bond
Balloon Shine

Segundo Arranjo / Second delivery arrangement

Balões 11” Azul Caribe
Balões 5” Azul Caribe, Transparente Impresso, Rose, verde
Balões quicklink azul caribe
Balões 160Q e 260Q verde
Balões foil 4” coração verde
Isopo colorido solto
Tinta Spray Acrilex

Balões de látex 11”: cereja, azul caribe, rosa mexicano
Balões de látex 11” transparente impresso com borboletas
Balões de Microfoil 18” 
Fita dupla face, dashes ou balloon bond
Balloon Shine