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About Maxddybi

I am Maxddybi Rios, CBA, with a business in Venezuela and Colombia known as Maxyfiestas. Currently, I work with the official distributors of Qualatex in Colombia, Colballoons S.A.S., as Coordinator of the National Educational Program.

I came to the world of balloons in 2007 because a party without balloons has no life or joy! In 2012 I bought a QBN Kit and was on my way to becoming a professional balloon artist.

In 2013 I migrated to Colombia. In search of new opportunities, I changed my strategy from being a decorator to an instructor. I began to give private classes in artistic decoration with balloons. My work has appeared in magazines such as Globos from the Televisa publishing house, and craft programs on TV Familia.

Country: Colombia

Language: Spanish

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Class Information

Efecto WOW: de lo sencillo a lo impactante
WOW Effect: from the Simple to the Dazzling

Alguna vez te has preguntado cómo ganar más y cautivar más clientes con globos diferentes a los de tu competencia?, aprenderás en esta clase a utilizar técnicas como el Double Stuffed para crear colores únicos e impactantes, utilizar los SuperAgate para generar el efecto WOW! y el twister para dar vida y personalidad a nuestros diseños. También implementaremos el uso de burbujas y microfoil en nuestros diseños con globos Qualatex.

Have you ever wondered how to win more and captivate more customers with different balloons than your competition? You will learn in this class to use techniques such as double-stuffing to create unique and striking colors for your designs, use the SuperAgate to generate the WOW effect and twisted elements to give life and personality to our designs.

Date & Time: Wednesday, March 24th 04:30 to 05:30 GMT

Class Duration: 60 minutes

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Product List

Designs Shown:

  • 3D Honeycomb
  • Adorable Bee Honeycomb
  • Queen Bee Column
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