Olga Baranova, CBA

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About Olga

Before starting my own balloon business, I worked for an advertising company that offered promotional items and services, including balloon arches. Once I realized that balloons had a lot more potential, I started doing some research and discovered the world of balloon decorations. I was fascinated and impressed! In 2008 my company Sunny Wind was established in Samara, Russia. I have participated in WBC 2012-2018, BACI 2011-2014 and 2017, International Balloon Festival in Moscow 2009-2018, and other events. I have been competing worldwide since 2010 and have won or placed in many events. My experience includes teaching for seven years on working with balloons in different formats and for different levels of student.

Country: Russia

Language: Russian, English

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Class Information

Bouquet for Gourmet!

In this class I will tell the audience how to combine delicious food, beautiful balloons and positive emotions all in one piece. During the class, we will create a gift for delivery, a festive or just a sign of attention, delicious and unusual. I will tell and show you how you can combine beautiful food products, select them according to tastes and colors, and most importantly, how to select and use balloons in such works.

Date & Time: Wednesday, March 24, 11:30-13:00 GMT

Class Duration: 90 minutes

Class Type: Deco

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Product List

  • Box, height 14 cm, diameter 17 cm – 1 ct.
  • Styrofoam and foam board
  • Deco bubble balloons 24” – 1 ct.
  • 5” balloons – 15 ct.
  • 260q – 2 ct.
  • MaxiStick – 1 ct.
  • Balloon stick – 1 ct.
  • Balloon cup – 1 ct.
  • Ribbon,  2 sm - two colors of 7 m
  • Ribbon,  0.5 sm -  two colors of 1 m
  • natural tape – 2 m
  • wooden sticks for kebabs – 40 ct.
  • Different fruits, nuts, cheeses, honey, candy and wine……. 
  • In this box: one bottle of wine 375 ml, a jar of honey, two types of cheese, a box of candy, two apples, two pears, one orange, two lemons, three tangerines, ten nuts.