Stephanie Morace

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About Stephanie

I am an award-winning balloon artist and the owner of Baton Rouge Balloons in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I have been twisting balloons and creating balloon decor for eight years. The balloon industry has given me so many opportunities to meet and work with wonderful people from around the world. The talent in this industry and the willingness to share knowledge have been the key to my success.

Country: United States

Language: English

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Class Information

Quick & Easy Balloon Characters

During the 2020 Q Corner Convention, Stephanie made a clown that was quick and easy. Now she will show how the design can be modified to create a whole village of characters!

Date & Time: Sunday, March 21st 22:30 to 00:00 GMT

Class Duration: 90 minutes

Class Type: Twister

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  • 1 lime green 11 inch,  
  • 1 lime green 260Q
  • 1 red 160Q

Large chef

  • 1 white 12 inch QuickLink
  • 1 white 260Q
  • 1 black 260Q
  • 1 blush 350Q

Football player

1 white 5 inch
1 gray 160Q
1 mocha 260Q
1 black 260Q

Giant clown

1 lime green 3 ft
2 mocha 646Q
1 lime green 16 inch 
2 light blue 350Q
1 light blue 160Q
2 yellow 350Q
1 red 350Q
1 white 260Q
1 yellow 260Q


1 black 5 inch
1 black 160Q
1 blush 260Q
1 red 260Q uninflated (optional)
gray 160Q (optional)


1 lime green 321Q
1 lime green 160Q
1 blush 260Q