Zahraa Jawad, CBA

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About Zahraa

My name is Zahraa. I am Lebanese and an enthusiastic entrepreneur! My sister and I own and operate Forever Balloons Boutique in Beirut. I am a Qualatex balloons fan and a Certified Balloon Artist.

I am also a continuous learner. Currently, I am working on my Master’s Degree in Management and Marketing. When I’m not busy with the boutique, I love to travel.

Country: Lebanon

Language: English, Arabic

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Class Information

Customization for Value Creation!

We use this formula at our shop to follow the trends that emerge in Lebanon and recreate our pieces to match the latest colors and themes hitting the market to satisfy our customer’s needs.

We will be sharing with you how we create our best selling customized designs using simple techniques with eye catching details that add great value and satisfy wide range of customers tastes.

These designs are time saving air-filled easy to do transport and deliver.

Date & Time: Tuesday, March 23rd 20:15 to 21:00 GMT

Class Duration: 45 minutes

Class Type: Deco

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Product List

#98325 Mother's Day Floral Pastel 22" Bubble
#16436 Mother To Bee 20" Foil
#16212 Mini Sweet Bee 14" Foil
#12276 Happy Birthday Neon Glow 18" Foil
#86365 No.1 16" Northstar Jelli Ombre
#86369 No.2 16" Northstar Jelli Ombre

Additional Class Materials:
Wooden Pole similar to the IKEA or LUMI poles in 20in height.
Air Bubbles Stars Print
4” Stars colorful: Jewel Magenta, Lime Green, Gold
9” Heart Solid: Pearl Blue
4” heart Solid: Pearl Lavender, Pearl Pink
5”: White- Pearl White - Jewel Magenta - Jewel Lime - Pearl Lavender - Pink - Pale Blue - Orange - Caribbean Blue- Chrome Blue - yellow
260 Q: Chrome Mauve - Chrome Blue
Tissue Papers
Pearls Roll
Artificial Flowers
Satin and Organza bows